Whether to treat acne at the cosmetician, Getting Rid of Acne?

Getting Rid of Acne?

Not. So you do not say, Estheticians that good, they know everything, it is their profession to make the skin clean. Their main goal is to earn more money, and then only to your beauty (rule of any business). think, I was wrong, answer the question: whether the beautician to do the peeling you free?

Why you should not treat acne at the cosmetician?
Note, I wrote not "impossible", and "do not need". It is not necessary to treat, but make peeling, mechanical cleaning of the face, masochky, you are welcome, it is welcome. But listen beautician, how do you get rid of acne, not worth it. Their range of treatment does not include medications for the treatment of acne, and they can only prescribe a dermatologist. While you will try all means, that you will advise beauticians, you may miss a very important point, which will allow you to easily and without loss to get rid of acne.

So who to treat acne?
here, there is a very clear rule, treatment of acne is always held by a dermatologist, and only he can on the basis of the inspection for you to choose the right solution for your problem, prescribe the necessary medical preparation.

When should I apply to the beautician?
- When your face is only closed comedones and you yourself can not cope with them.
It is worth to make the mechanical cleaning of the face.

- When your face only red, stagnant spots, procedures of, black dots.
we do pilling, the best thing, the most effective - it peels with glycolic acid.

- You have scars.
Home to treat them useless, dermatologist not involved scars. We do skin resurfacing, deep peeling, mikrodermabraziyu, laser (only one thing).

- You have enlarged pores.
Make a deep peeling, mikrodermabraziyu, skin resurfacing.

Often, beautician advises to buy them any cosmetic line, type, it will help your problem. Do not take ever! Beautician can recommend, then you can buy yourself, but not her. Know, if it offers, she wants to make money!

The pharmacy, The shops are full of various tools, that will help you care for your skin, sometimes they are much better, than money, which offers a beautician. Do you want to buy the best for the skin, select therapeutic pharmaceutical products for skin care (Eksfoliak, Avene, Bioderma, Uriyaj, Hanging, La rosh Pozey etc.), as you can see a lot of resources, and they are all very good, You can freely buy them at the pharmacy.

Good luck! And remember, acne should be treated doctor, a beautician selects for you the right skin care and skin Uluchay.

Whether to treat acne at the cosmetician?: 8 comment

By myself I say - treat acne only need a doctor! What has not a beautician, a dermatologist! I am with my self-treatment brought to the skin such horror, that then hardly led her to order. And it is only when a doctor interjected. What helped me to freshen up: Zerkalin (antibiotic), detoxification, vitamin and a balanced diet.

Girls, There are various different doctors and beauticians. The first thing to go for consultation, and then decide. All our internal problems visible on the face. So initially you can help qualified specialist. Sometimes it is better to do the right care, peels(but superficial ). Be sure to read the reviews, at least about cosmetics, which employed beautician. Well, if you 3 acne degree, then the treatment is on antibiotics, and then restore the flora, liver. Over whether, Doctors can help, I do not agree, t to the doctors are different ... As happens doctors from God, and Estheticians. 🌺🌺🌺

I wonder ignorance of our ladies. Dermatologist cosmetologist - the best solution for all skin problems. it voach, past 6 s Medical University 2-5 s Residency in dermatology, mykolohy, trichology.
You prefer to go to former assistants, accountants, former schoolgirls, or an entirely different doctors specialization, as an ophthalmologist, that even the structure of the skin do not know, only because, that they have a certificate of "beautician" for 3-4 week! Course of Study. And the word "beautician" inscribed here illegally, but the real name of these things education - aesthetists.
Are you seriously choosing between specialist and here these fans to earn more?

Sorry, but you once wrote about Cosmetology and if were not a professional beautician. And do not be one size fits all.
I went to a dermatologist in soviet hospital, Klindovit prescribed with a view, and said that acne - it is not a disease. Despairing, I signed up to the beautician(former pediatrician). She explained everything to me, your makeup is not "vtyuhyvala", and proposed similar means(chemist's cosmetics), I bought myself a pharmacy. She makes me clean professional cosmetics. Acne is a disease of severe stage virtually disappeared, But after six months I had to leave temporarily, where the climate is not mine at all and began worsening, Now she fly again. And this is not her fault, and I myself, so it did not come for consultation before departure.
I think, It is strictly forbidden cosmetologists not necessary, blowing water, scalded milk.

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